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About The Project

Clinic 554 and Abortion Access in New Brunswick is a research project conducted by an interdisciplinary research team with the support of an advisory panel of community-based stakeholders. The purpose of this project is to address the knowledge gap around the need for procedural[1] abortions in NB. The research team partnered with Reproductive Justice New Brunswick (RJNB) and collaborated with an advisory panel of community-based advocates. For more information about the team, check out the About the Researchers page.

This project provides valuable, updated information about access to abortion, with a specific focus on procedural abortion, in New Brunswick. The researchers analyzed both existing and new abortion data collected from case reviews, statistical analysis, a survey, archival research, interviews, and focus groups. Combined, this information provides a thorough record of the barriers to abortion in the province that New Brunswickers still face, and the larger history of how we got here. The results of the research are accessible on this website to support the ongoing work of community members in their fight for reproductive justice, other researchers, and government policymakers. Infographics, abstracts of conference papers and links to reports and articles are available on the Findings page. The project has also built a Timelineof significant events, which may be expanded in future.

1: “Procedural abortion” is another term for “surgical abortion”. This is usually performed using gentle suction to remove unwanted tissue from the uterus to end a pregnancy. Another type of abortion is a medical abortion performed using medication such as Mifegymiso.


About the Researchers

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History of Abortion in NB

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